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What is Priston 2121?

Priston 2121 is a brand-new, long-term initiative to stimulate, facilitate and celebrate the things we can do together in response to the changing climate.

The initiative is a response to Priston Parish Council's declaration of a Climate & Ecological Emergency at its meeting in January 2121. The Council asked Priston Action Group for the Environment (PAGE) to take the lead in organising Priston's response to the Emergency.

Priston 2121: A few ideas

Since the Priston 2121 Forum various people have suggested ways to cut down on use of energy, plastic, chemicals, etc. and/or to promote biodiversity. I list some of them here, with a few URL links. These are not my personal recommendations and views. I’m just passing on information. Some of them might work as a community scheme, e.g. bulk purchasing. This random list reminds us how every aspect of our lives impacts on the environment!


  • We can change how we eat to slow climate change. We could cut down on meat and dairy and buy seasonal produce.
  • We can buy only as much as we will eat to reduce food waste.
  • Heating three pans is not energy efficient so we could use just one pan and then, as a bonus, we’ve got one thing to wash up. If millions do this it will make a difference.


  • A washing machine load results in thousands of tiny fibres being released into waterways. Best solution: don’t wash our clothes so often.
  • Watch out for machines fitted with filters; and, shortly, filters that can be retrofitted.
  • Chemicals from laundry products can pollute our waterways. Products such as eco eggs and ecover aim to address this.

Loo paper

Domestic heating

  • Several households in Priston have had air source heat pumps fitted. The company Gregor will be giving a presentation about these and solar panels at the annual parish meeting on Saturday 19 March.
  • Another potential heating solution is something like the recently developed Warmstone heat battery, which, like the air source heat pump, can be a straight swap from the boiler. See

Car sharing

Do keep sending your ideas to And, if you feel like getting a project together for the whole village, even better!

Biodiversity Workshop - 4 November 2023

The Priston 2121 Team held an afternoon workshop attended by around 25 people to share ideas and tips on ways to help wildlife to thrive in Priston.

The workshop was facilitated by Stephen Blakeway, a vet, teacher and biodiversity expert and was supported by Priston Parish Council.

View photos and the report from the day.

Priston 2121 Climate Forum - 9/10 October 2021

What's it for?

What kind of village are we going to leave for the next four generations and more?

How can we:

  • Tackle the loss of biodiversity and climate change in Priston?
  • Find ways to live that reduce pressure on the planet and protect ournatural local environment?

The Forum in the Village Hall in October is your opportunity to shape what we can do now, to ask questions, to find out what others have been doing, to get involved.

Let’s fix the future!

What to expect

Saturday 9 October

When What
11.30am - 4.00pm.
  • Pop into the village hall and see displays, talk to others and share your ideas.
4 - 6pm.
  • Introduction to ideas behind Priston 2121 and purposes/structure of the weekend
  • Tea and cake and opportunity for people to look at boards and discuss issues with other people
  • A Q&A session hosted by Nick Keppel-Palmer to share expertise in the village
  • Round up, with explanation of how we will take this forward

Sunday 10 October

When What
  • Amanda Allan will be holding a free 30 min 'Connect to Nature' Energy Medicine Yoga session.
    Weather permitting, it will take place on the grass clearing just past the sign to Church Farm Lane (come to the right of the Village Hall and there will be someone to direct you). If weather is poor we will use the Village Hall.
    Suitable for all ages and abilities and no equipment required. It will be a standing practice, though chairs will be available if preferred. Please do dress warmly!
    We will be celebrating our connection with Nature and this beautiful season of Autumn!
    Please let us know on the Saturday or by email if you are coming.
12 noon - 2pm
  • The Village Hall is open for another opportunity to look at and add comments to displays of actions we can take
Throughout the day
  • Various homes in Priston will be open to visit for those interested in finding out more about low/zero carbon heating.
    Booking essential. Please sign up at the meeting in the Village Hall at 4pm on Saturday afternoon

Output from the Forum

There was a lot of enthusiasm to learn more about energy-saving ideas and ways to preserve biodiversity at the Forum. At least 70 people came to the village hall over the course of the weekend, including a good number of village children. Quite a number of people visited households with new heating systems and Amanda’s yoga session was successful.

You can view photos of the display boards as they looked at the end of the weekend, with all the post-it notes and handwritten comments made by participants. So, if you missed the event, you can get an idea of what sort of things were discussed.

You will want to know what happens now! Several themes were prominent:

  • There is a thirst for more information about new domestic heating systems, home insulation and community energy-generating schemes.
  • Many suggestions for recycling stuff were made, e.g. jumble sale, white elephant stall, upcycled clothing sale.
  • Planting more trees and hedges was mentioned a lot.
  • There is interest in having events to highlight various issues, e.g. a Walking/Cycling Day, Dark Skies Night, Tree Planting Festival, Quiet Weekend, an Ideas Café to share tips on recycling, using less plastic, etc.
  • There is a lot of interest in gardening to encourage wildlife - the hedgehog highway sparked the imagination of children in particular!

We shall be following up these points over the coming months. In the meantime, there are links below to sites about energy saving and how to promote biodiversity. In particular, there is a helpful piece from Which? magazine about the best 'green' energy suppliers. If you have useful information and/or would like to help us follow up on the Forum, please email

Organised by PAGE - Supported by Priston Parish Council

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