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What is Priston 2121?

Priston 2121 is a brand-new, long-term initiative to stimulate, facilitate and celebrate the things we can do together in response to the changing climate.

The initiative is a response to Priston Parish Council's declaration of a Climate & Ecological Emergency at its meeting in January 2121. The Council asked Priston Action Group for the Environment (PAGE) to take the lead in organising Priston's response to the Emergency.

Priston 2121 Climate Forum - 9/10 October 2021

What's it for?

What kind of village are we going to leave for the next four generations and more?

How can we:

  • Tackle the loss of biodiversity and climate change in Priston?
  • Find ways to live that reduce pressure on the planet and protect ournatural local environment?

The Forum in the Village Hall in October is your opportunity to shape what we can do now, to ask questions, to find out what others have been doing, to get involved.

Let’s fix the future!

What to expect

Saturday 9 October

When What
11.30am - 4.00pm.
  • Pop into the village hall and see displays, talk to others and share your ideas.
4 - 6pm.
  • Introduction to ideas behind Priston 2121 and purposes/structure of the weekend
  • Tea and cake and opportunity for people to look at boards and discuss issues with other people
  • A Q&A session hosted by Nick to demonstrate how much experience/expertise we have in the village
  • Round up, with explanation of how we will take this forward

Sunday 10 October

When What
12 noon
  • Amanda Allan will be holding an EMYoga session. Suitable for everybody, the community coming together.
12 noon - 2pm
  • The Village Hall is open for another opportunity to look at and add comments to displays of actions we can take
Throughout the day
  • Various homes will be open for people interested in energy saving at a domestic level to see what is involved.
    People can sign up for this at the meeting in the Village Hall at 4pm on Saturday afternoon

More details to come via The Link, Priston Chat, and the Loop.

Useful Links & Resources

To get involved early, contact us at