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Biodiversity Bingo - 28 May-8 June 2021


Amazing work by everyone who entered - we were astonished by just how many wild things people had found.

Runaway winner of the adult Bingo was Jocelyn Nichols with an astonishingly unassailable score of 2832, nearly double her nearest rival. Her eagle eyes spotted several species that nobody else did. Champion spotting!

In a much more close-run kids’ version of the Bingo, Millie & Evie Hassard emerged triumphant. Great work!

Jocelyn receives a bird box and Millie & Evie a hedgehog house courtesy of the Parish Council. Prizes will be delivered very shortly.

See the great photos contributed by our Bingo players!

Celebrate the wonderful wildlife of Priston & Win Prizes!

We are all very lucky to live in a special place. To help keep it special for generations to come we want to keep an eye on the health of Priston’s natural environment. The presence (or absence) of wild things - whether flowers, animals, insects or birds - is a great indicator of health. The more biodiversity the better. We’d love to find a regular way to measure the abundance (or not) of species here.

Many people have participated in No Mow May, making it possible for wildflowers and pollinators to take up residence here. In turn that makes the place more of a haven for birds and other animals.

Between 28th May and 8th June we invite everyone to get out and spot the wild things - there are PRIZES to be won.

How to take part

  1. Download a Biodiversity Bingo card (pdf, Powerpoint format) or get one by request to
  2. Write down each species you can spot - take photos if you can - here is an example of a completed Bingo Card! Biodiversity Bingo Card example
    Biodiversity Bingo Card Example
  3. 1 point for every species spotted, 50 points if you spot something nobody else does, an extra 50 if you photograph it.
  4. If you need more space just start a new card.
  5. If you need help working out what you have spotted, see How to identify species below.
  6. Send your completed cards and photos to or by hand to Penny at the Orchard by 10th June 2021.
  7. Most points wins the prize
    • a hand-crafted bird box for the adults (16+)
    • Bird Box
    • a hedgehog house for the young ones (15 or under).
    • Hedgehog Box
  8. Points will be added up and prizes announced end June via the Link, the Loop and the web.
  9. Photos must be your own!

Note: Names of winners and photos will be published unless otherwise requested.
“Priston” means anywhere within a 45 minute walk from the village green. Walruses spotted in Tenby don’t count.
Any questions - email!

How to identify species

If you have a smartphone you may find these free apps useful for identifying what you find:

  • Google Lens - for visual identification of just about anything;
  • PlantNet - for identifying plants - take a photo and submit for instant identification;
  • BirdNET - record birdsong and submit for instant identification;
  • Mammal Mapper - record your sightings of mammals in the UK.

You may also find these websites useful:

View a list of species previously recorded in Priston.