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What is PAGE?

Our aspirations

We all appreciate our lovely surroundings but are aware of our negative impact on the environment. We are keen to do what we can to reduce our impact and believe that we can make a difference by working together as a community to:

  • reduce waste
  • save energy and other resources

Strength through numbers

We do NOT want to be just a debating group; we want to make things happen.

If you want to save money and join our bulk oil-buying group then contact Bruce Clarke at

We organise regular litter-picking/ditch-clearing sessions around the village - if you want to help, contact us or just consult the Calendar for dates and turn up.

We have worked with the Parish Council to set up recycling bins for crisp packets and biscuit/cake/cracker wrappers.

Contact us

via Penny Rogers on tel: 01761 470589 or

Have a look at our practical ideas for action!

Check our lists of Priston birds and plants - email us if you have any to add!

Read our Privacy Policy.


Jan 2022 - Lose it/Like it

As a small gesture towards greater sustainability and all that PAGE is doing in Priston, the Village Loop will from now on run a spin-off to help recycle “stuff”. The guidelines are simple – and flexible!

  • Let me (Aylet) know what you want to advertise on or text to 07801 440182.
  • The item can be anything, and as little or large as you want.
  • Please keep ad very short – dimensions, colour, type of wood for example.
  • If it is not a freebie, how much you want for it.
  • Please include your all contact details.
  • Indicate if it is a ‘Customer Collects’ item.
  • I will put out the list on the Village Loop roughly once a fortnight (this will depend on how popular or not the idea turns out to be. Your item will be dated, and after about 4 weeks will be taken off the list if there has been no interest.
  • If you want something, you can also ask for items. Again be fairly specific.
  • Please direct any queries on items to the disposer / acquiror – not me. I‘m just the communicator.

Sep 2021 - Apple picking and pressing

I hope everyone enjoyed the village party on Saturday. So good to see people together again!

It's that time of year when the apples are ripening. A reminder that John Wybrow is very happy for villagers to pick fruit in the orchard at the front of his house. I suggest you knock on John's front door to let him know you are picking fruit, but if he is not around fell free to pick his fruit.

And Peter and I have the apple scratter and press. If you would like to use it, just ask (01761 470589 or

May 2021 - No Mow May

Calling all wildlife lovers! Lay down your mowers!

Here’s a great way to help our insect population and keep the food chain for birds and small wild animals thriving – and we don’t have to do anything! The charity Plantlife is promoting the fact that, when it comes to providing vital nectar and pollen for bees, butterflies and other insects, every flower counts. And our lawns can help provide that feast. The more wild flowers we have in our lawns the more nectar will be produced to support the insects that are vital to our very existence.

So leave the mower in the shed during May – whether you normally mow your garden lawn, the church yard or a roadside verge. You will reap the benefits when you see more bees on the resulting clover and butterflies skimming over bright flowers such as speedwell and self-heal. At the end of the month you can take part in the Every Flower Counts survey from 22 to 31 May and record what is flowering in amongst the grass.

To celebrate No Mow May we’d love for every family in Priston, especially those on half term from 31 May, to spot what bugs and beasts, flora and fungi may be lurking in their garden.

  • How many different types of bees, butterflies, other insects, small mammals and wild flowers (not forgetting fungi) can we collectively spot in and around Priston, enjoying their life in the no-mow-land?
  • More details later via the Loop and Priston Chat (plus some handy ways to identify what you see), but get ready to spot, and if possible photograph, what you find. We’ll report our findings in July’s Link and put up photos on the Priston Web.

[The Priston Web adds: if you have a smartphone you may find these free apps useful for identifying what you find:

  • Google Lens - for visual identification of just about anything;
  • PlantNet - for identifying plants - take a photo and submit for instant identification;
  • BirdNET - record birdsong and submit for instant identification.]

When you start mowing again, you might want to raise the cutting blade so that you keep the grass slightly longer throughout the year. This will help support the lawn during dry periods. If you use a lawn company to maintain your lawn, you might want to ask them how their system is affecting the growth of wild flowers and life cycles of insects.

February 2021 - South West flower count survey - National Trust

Hi All

I hope you are well. I think things are looking up. January is over and people are being vaccinated. And, to help us appreciate our surroundings, we can do a flower count as part of the National Trust's research about spring flowers and how they are affected by a changing climate.

If you go to the National Trust SW Flower Count web-page, you will find a very simple survey form. Enjoy looking at your garden!

January 2021 - Big Garden Birdwatch

Here's an annual event that we can still take part in!

Just spend an hour on Friday, Saturday or Sunday 29-31 Jan recording the birds in your garden and log your results on the RSPB website. It's all quite simple. You don't need to be an expert on birds, the website gives loads of information about how to identify them. And there are other projects for children as well.

So, charge up your bird feeders and enjoy an hour of just looking. (Don't forget to make sure the birds have water too, especially on very cold days and during the dry summer months.)

See for details.

September 2020 - Apples

That time of year, and a bumper crop of apples. If anyone wants to use the apple crusher and press, kindly left to the village by John, please get in touch with Peter (07843 274264). There's potential for many gallons of cider and juice.

June 2020 - Crisp packet recycling update

Thanks to everyone who has been taking their empty crisp packets to the box in the village hall car park over the last year or so. We had got into a good routine - it felt as though we were doing SOMETHING about waste plastic.

Unfortunately, the company that runs the scheme on behalf of Walkers Crisps, terracycle, has decided that the amount we collect does not merit a collection point.

I’ve tried all I can to get them to reinstate the collection point, but have been unsuccessful.

All I can suggest is that you now take your empty packets to the nearest collection points (if you are going there anyway). They seem to change so it’s best to check on their interactive map of collection points.

Failing that, writing to Walkers to get them to change to paper packaging is an option – or, more difficult, not eating crisps!!!

April 2020 - Post-Lockdown Project - 220 Trees for Priston in 2020

Before the pandemic reached the UK, .......
PAGE (Priston Action Group for the Environment) had an initiative to plant trees in and around Priston, starting with a target of 220, roughly one for each villager .... or was it 2020???

We can’t do anything during lockdown, and anyway it is a bit late in the year for planting trees, but we can plan ahead for the 2020/21 planting season.

You don’t need acres of land to participate (but if you do have an area that might be suitable for a small or even large copse, we’d love to hear from you). Our initial goal is to get more native trees, including fruit trees, and native hedging planted in gardens. If you don’t have any available space, you could still participate by helping to plant trees at organised plantings, or contribute some money towards buying small trees.

So, if

  • you have land to plant trees on
  • and / or you are willing to buy trees
  • and / or you are up for some tree planting

please get in touch with one of us and we’ll put together a plan for next winter

In the mean time, if you have planted any native trees, fruit trees or native hedging this year already, take a photo and send it to one of us along with a description. We are hoping to keep a record of all the trees planted this year as a celebration of our community working to improve our environment.

Name Tel No. Email
Penny 07719 474277
Peter 07843 274264
Louise 07793 847185
Jocelyn 07734 069751
Owain 07871 572969

Thanks for getting involved!

The PAGE Team

Planting a tree is one of the greatest acts of kindness.
The sapling that goes in the ground today
can only start the work of repairing the world
and is a gift of love and care for the generations of tomorrow.

Read our 220 Trees for 2020 update.
See our 220 Trees photos.

Jan 2020 - Litter picking in Priston

Four dates for your 2020 calendar

  • Saturday 7 March
  • Saturday 13 June
  • Saturday 5 September
  • Saturday 5 December

We meet at 10.00am on the Village Green, when we’ll decide where to work – just for an hour – and then retreat to the Village cafe. If you can’t make the planned day but do some litter picking the week before, thank you! And let me know and we’ll make sure not to go over the same ground. Many thanks to everyone who has done any litter picking around the village – whether as part of one of these groups or just out on a walk.

By the way, anyone can report cases of fly tipping around the village by contacting BANES, just email or phone 01225 39 40 41.