Wassail 2009

All photos © Richard Bottle 2009

Priston Jubilee Morris
Priston Jubliee Morris

Morris dancing
The Priston Jubilee Morris musicians

Priston Jubilee Morris

Priston Jubilee Morris
Annointing the roots
Placing toast in the branches, which when soaked in wassail will encourage the tree to bear fruit.

Beating the tree
Beating the apple tree to encourage it to bear fruit.

Shooting the tree
Shooting to frighten away the evil spirits.

Sharing the Wassail Cup
Sharing the Wassail Cup.

Children's Play
The Children's  Play

Chjildren's play
The Children's Plan

The Beacon
The Beacon.

St. George & the Dragon
It's Behind You!

St. George & the Turkish Knight
The Turkish Knight and St George.
The Embrace
The Embrace