Wassail 2008

All photos © Richard Bottle 2008

A selection of photos taken at the Wassail celebration on 15 January 2008.  

You can find further info on wassails and mummers plays at the following links:

Recipes for  the Wassail Pork & Cider Casserole and Somerset Cider Cake can be found here (courtesy of Gail Pattison).

Crowning the Wassail Queen
The crowning of the Wassail Queen

Morris dancing
Morris Stick dance

Toast in the tree

Placing toast soaked in cider in the apple tree to encourage a good harvest.
Annointing the roots
Annointing the roots with cider to encourage the tree to bear fruit.

Beating the tree
Beating the apple tree to encourage it to bear fruit.

Shooting the tree
Shooting to frighten away the evil spirits.

Sharing the Wassail Cup
Sharing the Wassail Cup.

Mummers Play
The Mummers Play.

Shadow Play
Operating on the Turkish Knight.

Wassail Supper
The Wassail Supper.