Tips on providing photos to the Priston Web

We welcome photos of Priston past or present for inclusion on the Priston Web Photo Gallery.

If you live locally, then you can just provide sharp good quality prints to any of the contacts for the Priston Web - for names and phone nos click here.

Alternatively, you can email us the photos.

Make sure you have taken the photo yourself, or own the copyright of the image.

If you email us the image, we prefer:

  • images in .jpg (jpeg) format BUT make sure the compression/quality factor you use when saving your .jpeg files is not so great as to impair picture quality
  • sharp colour photos - unless of historic interest
  • individual image files should not normally be larger than 2 Mb
  • do not include more than 3 files (max 5 Mb) in a single email message
  • please suggest a short caption for your photo
  • we would be interested in knowing when the photo was taken, and of your connection with the village of Priston ie resident, ex-resident etc.
  • we will always send you an acknowledgement - if you don''t get one then get in touch so we can sort out the problem.

Photos can be emailed to The Priston Web.

If you would like to email us an image, but are unsure how to do this, then please do contact us.

Images may be cropped slightly and have colours/brightness/contrast adjusted to improve display on the computer screen. .