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11 Feb 2019
Priston Village Hall, Tuesday’s 9.30-10.30am.
8 per class booking essential.  Small class 12 people max.
All levels welcome.
Contact Emma 07709354527 or email
14 Feb 2015 LOST PHOTO: This photo was recently found lying on the road in Priston village.  If you know who the owner is, please contact us.


MEPs elected are:
Some useful links for those who were interested by David Bland's recent presentation on Wansdyke Telecom in Priston Village Hall:
4 Jan 2014 THANKS:
I am a member of the Barley Rye Choir who performed at the Ring O' Bells on New Year's Day. One of our younger members arrived very early and without a coat. As a result they became very wet and cold and were sheltering in the entrance to the village hall which was closed. Some kind villagers who were walking their dog saw the young woman and took her home, provided her with dry clothes and gave her breakfast. I would be grateful if you could make the village aware of our gratitude for the kindness of this person and that they have such generous people in their midst.
 from Keith Lane of the Barley Rye Choir.
A few people in Priston have been talking over the summer about the possibility of setting up an informal history society to look at Priston’s own history, which as many of you know stretches back at least to the late Iron Age. There are some excellent resources, possibly the most important of which is the wide knowledge of some individual people in the village, as well as written sources plus documents in various record offices.
The idea we came up with was to meet about twice a year in the Village Hall when somebody had something to show or talk about, and the ideal time might be autumn and winter – possibly January and the following October.
If you think you would be interested, could you rplease let me know so that we can produce a mailing list. I will also put a notice into the Link and onto the web so that I do not miss anybody out.
Please respond to Clare Cross (470566).
We have re-started the Monday evening circuit training sessions in the Village Hall on Monday evenings between 6.30 and 7.30pm, but as a kind of do it yourself cooperative arrangement without an official trainer.
Let me know if you would like to join us it involves stretching, strength building and aerobic exercises and as you can go at your own pace you do not have to be at any particular standard to join in.
Note the circuit training will not take place when the Village Hall is required for Parish Council meetings (see Calendar)
We will need to assemble a few bits of kit so if you have a yoga mat, some weights, skipping ropes, a gym ball, stop watch or a whistle that would also be helpful but don't worry if you haven't, we will work something out!
Hiring the hall is 6 an hour, so the cost will be nominal.
Participation is at your own risk!
Contact Peter Brookes on 470589 or via email if you are interested in joining.

Paul Walker and Chris Wheeler of Trowbridge Metal Detecting Club recently found a rare medieval jeton in a Priston field.

The object is a 15th Century Medieval Jeton of France (maybe Charles VI 1380 – 1422 AD).

Jetons were used for early accountancy calculations, before the advent of arabic numerals and to cope with the complexity of multiple money types circulating  at any one time.  They were used on a board divided into rows and columns hence the expression "Exchequer" because of the resemblance to a chess board.
Click on the links below for:

(Thanks to Aylet Anderson for providing this information item.)
7 Jan 2010 IS IT A RECORD?: from Aylet Anderson: Temperature according to our weather station is -11.3C at Brook Cottage at 8.15am. 
Updatefrom Aylet :My record is broken already. Jerry Haines said that the temp. gauge in his car this morning showed -13.5C!
Has anyone else in the village recorded more (or should it be less?!!).
If so contact us.
26 Jun2008 OUR MILLENNIUM BOOK:  I have a small waiting list of people who would like to have a copy of Our Millennium Book. I know that some people bought multiple copies when it was printed. If anyone has surplus copies could they contact me, and I will pass the books on and refund their money. Please contact Aylet Anderson on 01761 470339 or email.
20 Apr2008 GLOW-WORMS AT TWERTON: See the article on the Twerton web-site based on the page on the Priston web-site.  
17 May 2005
In 1991 a landscape survey was carried out in Priston by the old County of Avon.  Apart from the very interesting booklet that they produced at this time, a map was commissioned based on the old Manorial maps of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth century.  It depicts the old field boundaries and field names in use at that time, present day housing is also shown.
The owners of the Parish, including their arms, the Granary, Bullford bridge and the Mill etc. are illustrated.
I have managed to arrange a reprint of this fascinating map, which when framed, is a real conversation piece.
The map measures 594mm x 841mm, in black and white, price 3.50.

Copies are available from Tim Hughes  Tel:  (01761)  470029
31 Jul2004 HISTORY OF PRISTON POOR HOUSE AND SCHOOL: new 3rd edition now available. 22 pages illustrated with black & white photos. Click here for details.