The way the Priston Web appears to you will depend in part on the settings of your computer and on your browser software.

The Priston Web is best viewed with the following:

Hardware PC
Browser Internet Explorer version 6+
Screen Resolution 1024x768
Colours Highest (32-bit)

You will get the best results if you have maximised the browser window ie. it fills the whole screen.

The web-site has also been tested with the following browsers:

PCs running Microsoft Windows
Browser version
Internet Explorer 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8
Netscape 6, 7
Mozilla 1.1
Opera 6.03
Chrome 4.1
Macintosh Computers
Browser version
Netscape 6
Internet Explorer 5

You may encounter minor problems if you use combinations of hardware, settings and software other than for which the web-site has been optimised. Examples are given in the table below.

Cause Symptom
Browsers other than Internet Explorer Virtual dog walk - the animated dog may disappear when the view switches to Google Street View.  You will still be able to use Street View.
The view may not automatically switch from Google Map to Google Street View - if so just drag the yellow pin man to the area you wish to view.
Macintosh Images may appear lighter or darker on Macintosh, depending on screen settings.
Screen resolutions lower than 1024x768 eg 800x640 Text and images will appear larger, and you may need to scroll down or across to see the complete page.
Netscape prior to version 6 You will be unable to see the names of houses by positioning the mouse pointer over the red house numbers on the Priston Map. Also, the clickable links (normally underlined and blue) will remain blue and not turn red when the mouse pointer is left to hover over the link.
Colours less than Highest 32-bit Colours may appear "false" and blotchy.
Old browsers These may not support "frames" so you may be unable to access the Priston Web.

If you have problems accessing or using the site then please contact us.
Please provide the following information if possible:

  • type of computer: PC/Macintosh
  • type and version of browser: eg Internet Explorer/Netscape Version 6
  • screen resolution used: eg 1024/768
  • colour setting used eg Highest 32-bit
  • title of the screen on which the problem occurred (if relevant): eg Help (for this screen)
  • nature of the problem, including how it can be reproduced

We will do our best to look into the problem and provide advice.