Coronavirus information for Priston
This page contains information regarding coronavirus/Covid-19 for the benefit of Priston residents. 
This page will be updated as and when there is further information available. 
If you have any items to contribute please email to


DAY of Lock-down

Number of confirmed cases* in B&NES as of 1230am 25/05/2020232
* Not all those with the virus will have been tested/confirmed. Cases include those who have recovered. 
Source: Public Health England

Chart of Covid-19 cases in B&NES


See updated lockdown rules (with effect from13 May) - see highlights below - they apply only to England.
  • Continue to stay at home except for specified reasons.
  • You can go to any shops permitted to be open eg. for food, medicine, or to collect goods ordered.
  • Exercise permitted more than once a day.
  • Travel for exercise permitted.
  • Some sports allowed within household group, or with one other person 2m away;.
  • Meeting one other person from another household to be allowed (but only outdoors and keep 2m apart).
  • It is still not permitted to visit friends or family in their home.
  • Return to the workplace if you cannot work from home - employers need to make workplaces safe.
  • Avoid public transport, observe social distancing if you use it.
  • Face coverings should be worn in enclosed spaces where physical distancing is difficult.
  • Schools in England to reopen for some primary pupils at the earliest on 1 June.
  • Restaurants and cafes to remain closed until at least July.
  • Anyone with symptoms to stay at home, members of same household to stay confined for specified periods.
  • Quarantine for arrivals from abroad "soon".
  • Stay Alert.

(Update - 25 May)

  • outdoor markets and car showrooms are expected to reopen from 1 June;
  • other non-essential retail including shops selling clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, books, and electronics, plus tailors, auction houses, photography studios, and indoor markets, will be expected to be able to reopen from 15 June, providing progress continues to be amde, and on the basis that appropriate safety procedures are put in place;
  • hairdressers, nail bars and beauty salons, and the hospitality sector, will remain closed.

Read the Government's detailed Covid-19 recovery strategy (50 pages)

You can access all Government guidance on
You can sign up for email alerts of changes and additions to Govt. guidance/instructions.

A message from Priston Parish Council

17 March 2020


As your parish council, we wish to offer support to anyone who is affected by this virus.
  1. For up-to-date medical advice go to: (or google: NHS coronavirus) or phone 111.

  2. For those who need to self-isolate, we would like to offer practical help such as getting supplies for you.  To use this service please telephone Doug on 470609 and he will endeavour to allocate a helper to you.   In the unlikely event he is unavailable please contact another councillor or the clerk on the numbers below.
    Bruce Clarke 01761 470999
    Robert Davies 01761 479330
    Fiona Hassard  07776 280253
    Peter Hopwood 07540 889630
    John Lippiatt 01761 471080
    Vicky Pai 07788 647946
    Jocelyn Nichols 07734 069751
  3. In order to run this service, we need those who are not self-isolating to come forward with the services they are able to provide. This might be shopping, or, if you already have groceries delivered, adding someone else’s orders to yours.  Any offers of help can be emailed to Doug on:
With thanks,

Doug Pattison
Chairman, Priston Parish Council

Update 24 March

Report from Priston Parish Council (Doug Pattison)

 To make sure that no-one "falls through the cracks" the Parish Council has formed a small "Coronavirus Action Team - Priston", or CAT-P, to direct help where it is needed. We have called for volunteers who would be willing to help others in the village, and received over 20 offers to help with shopping, delivering, dog walking, and "almost anything". We also have lists of those we believe may be in need of help. Where appropriate, volunteers have been asked to keep in touch with our vulnerable people.

Think of all those willing helpers! If you are classed as vulnerable for any reason, DO ask for help for shopping, whatever - just give me a call.

Keep healthy - here's why!

Doug Pattison   07742455478 Email:

A message from the Saturday Café

(18 March)

Dear loyal Café customers,

For now, the Priston Saturday Café will be closed until the craziness is over.

We are planning to deliver cake treats on Saturday morning to those of you who may be particularly isolated as a result.

The Cake Angels will be in your neighbourhood!

(posted on behalf of Sue Copperman)

Local Food Take-Away/Delivery Options

(last updated 24 March)


Ring O' Bells

See Ring O' Bells take-away options.

Eveleighs' Café

In order for us to be the most use to you in the current situation we are moving to a ready-meals delivery service. Hopefully this will help while mitigating risks for everyone.

Please visit this page for full details and to register your interest or order - this is really important as we manage supply chains.

Newton Farm Foods

Newton Farm Shop is open Monday-Saturday 9.30am – 2.30pm. 
They are taking precautions (limiting numbers in the shop, all non-essential items removed so more space, strict distancing rules, sanitising etc.).  An Order & Collect service has been introduced - email

Newton Farm Foods has introduced a local delivery service for food items and frozen ready-meals initially for the over 70's and the vulnerable:
  • to minimise van journeys to Priston, the Parish Council has agreed with Newton that Priston villagers should all order on Saturdays, for delivery on Tuesday, and/or order on Wednesdays for delivery on Friday;
    NOTE: From 18 May order before 2pm on a Monday for delivery on Wednesday.  So no delivery on Tuesdays.
  • details of how to order can be found on the Newton Farm Foods website;
  • if your browser won’t allow the order form from the Newton website to be filled in, then you can complete and email this Word version;
  • email your orders to or ring 01225 873707 Ext 3.

Tunley Farm Butchers

Tunley Farm Butchers provide a range of milk, meat and deli foods.  They deliver free to Priston (minimum order £30). They hope to shortly extend the range to include vegetables.  They aim to deliver within 3 working days.  For details visit


(28 March)

Steve Grant has a new consignment of eggs in. He has some pre-orders but will have about 1 dozen trays left to sell.

If you’re interested please message him on 07900 905556 a.s.a.p.
(Trays of 30 eggs - £4; cash only and the right amount please. Collection from 2 Hill View, Priston)

Milk deliveries

Simple Cow of Chilcompton have agreed to deliver to Priston.

To see details of their offering visit their website at

All those who have expressed interest should place their order on the Simply Cow website at   

Note this a door step refill service, so for your first order you need to order empty glass bottles in addition to the quantity of milk you require.  You then clean the bottles and put them out to be refilled for the next delivery. See Simply Cow FA for details..

  • Delivery days: Tuesday only.
  • Time Delivered:  Simple Cow are extremely busy, as you can imagine, so delivery time is likely to be around lunchtime.
    (In normal times they would aim to deliver by 8am).
  • Hygiene: They are taking great care, with sanitised wipes etc

Additional food options

Click on the links below for additional food options:

  • Farmborough Community Shop - only one person in the shop at any time (but I have never had to wait more than a few minutes);
  • Like the Cam Valley Foods facebook page for news of pop-up shops at the King William, Tunley and at Farmborough Tyres. Selling meats, cheese, eggs, butter, veg boxes and more;
  • Roger Champion at Bloomfield Nurseries, Timsbury - sells vegetables, fruit, compost and more - open every day, all day - cash only;
  • Pop-up shop at the King William, Tunley selling meat, vegetables, fruitt and more - visit the King William facebook page for latest information;
  • Dart Fresh Produce are offering to do next day deliveries to Priston of meat, vegetables, milk, bread and other staples.  free delivery for orders over £50.  Visit the website for contact/ordering info;
  • Arthur David Food with Service deliver a range of backery, frozen, household, food cupboard, fresh foods and meats and pies.  Visit the website for details.

List of local businesses offering local delivery

For anyone in need of food & looking for an alternative to going into the shops during the pandemic, you may wish to have a look at the 3SG Sustainable Food Partnership which has a list of local businesses offering food delivery:

St Luke & St Andrew's Church:  Life Goes On!

(19 March)

Dear Priston Church Friends ,

Sorry to contact you by email, but for many this is the easiest way of meeting in our present emergency. As you will have heard on the news or read, The Archbishops and our own Bishops Peter and Ruth have made the difficult decision to curtail public worship until further notice, so there will be no Sunday services at St Luke & St Andrew's Church until that time. This is obviously very saddening. But although we cannot meet together in the usual way, the Church goes on and it presents us with the opportunity to use different resources and to seek to serve our communities with the love of God.

Some practical points:

  • I am available 24/7 on the phone or email if you are self-isolating and want to talk or pray.
  • If you are needing help, please contact the village scheme for the self-isolating. See above..
  • There will be news, prayers, online sermons and other helpful material on the Priston Facebook page for you to access. If you have not used this before, this could be the time.
The celebration of Easter this year will be very different, but I am hoping there are some ways we can share and celebrate together if not 'together.'
Priston Church and village are a strong community and historically our church has been through difficult days before. In all of this we know that Christ is with us in his promise 'I am with you always' and that where even only two or three are gathered together, he is there in our midst.

Yours in the love and service of Christ,

Revd Martin Blewett.

Tel. 01761 472448.  Mobile. 07854 273489. Email:

(note - some references to the church being open have been deleted from the original message)

Update 24 March

Sadly, due to govt. and church restrictions Priston Church will not be open until further notice. Information, prayers and meditations will appear from time to time on the village Facebook pages. If you would like prayer please ring Martin on 472448 or Simon on 479817. Peace be with you.

Update 28 March

You can now view Priston Church Services online.


See latest messages and updates on the B&NES coronavirus web page.

Message from Neil Butters, Ward Councillor 25 Match

Please note that as of 25 March all Council car parking charges - on and off street - have been suspended.

This is essentially to help key workers, given especially the withdrawal of the Odd Down and Newbridge park and ride services.

Garden waste collections have been suspended.  Refuse and recycling service is under pressure and collections could be missed. If so, it is unlikely that special trips will be made and we will all have to wait until the next scheduled collection. Nonetheless, I will try to keep you informed of problems. Please do however let me know of any issues directly if you wish to.

Update 6 April

URGENT Info re Cash grants for businesses

We have received £46m grant for the cash grants to small businesses. We are inviting applications to the fund and received 1000 in the first 48 hours. However there are 4000 eligible businesses in B&NES so 75% have not yet applied. The Government created some confusion initially because they said it was not necessary to apply and that local councils would contact the businesses. This proved impossible because contact details such as phone and email addresses were not held for all businesses. Please use your networks to encourage businesses to contact the council using the online form at

Any underspend will be returned to the Treasury. Any overspend can be claimed so no-one eligible should lose out. All businesses trading on the 11th March are eligible.

Update 23 April


Garden waste collections are to resume 27 April.  This means the first collection for Priston will be Fri 8 May,

See the press release for more info.

Some suggestions for coping with pandemic life

Keeping in touch

Social distancing is depriving many of us of that all-important social contact. Although by no means fully compensating for this, you might want to think about some partial technical solutions:
  • those of you who installed WhatsApp in order to join PEG may not realise how easy it is to hold video calls with friends and family;
  • If you have a Facebook account, do join the Priston Chat Facebook Group, to get local updates.
  • free video-conferencing means you can communicate as a family or with a group of friends even though you are at a distance - you could even try out a virtual pub or coffee morning!  Popular services include:
    • Google Hangouts - max 10 participants, Google account required (this doesn't mean you need to use Google email);
    • HouseParty - max 8 participants;
    • Skype (max 50 participants);
    • WhatsApp (4 participants;
    • Zoom - max 100 participants, 40 mins duration.
    • Google Duo (max. 12 participants);
      (details for all services are based on free options only).
  • free live-streaming from YouTube and Facebook Live enables you to easily reach a wide audience.


It's easy to feel overwhelmed, listening to the non-stop news about coronavirus.  Here are some suggestions for activities that will hopefully help you relax a little:
More suggestions welcome - email us at!

Miscellaneous items

Footpath hygiene

Handles on footpath and bridleway gates are possible sources of infection. 
  • wash your hands on leaving and returning to your home;
  • please use elbow or any other appropriate part of your anatomy to open gates where possible.

Volunteering as a "local connector"

To sign up to volunteer with 3SG's Compassionate Community as a local 'connector', helping to deliver supplies to those who are self-isolating or being shielded follow this link:…/1FAIpQLScnsScxyI5Y30foF9…/viewform

Useful Links

Coronavirus - key information from the NHS
Coronavirus -how to stay safe - info from the BBC