Jim Nokes & Charlie Fry 

Commissioning ceremony for the Memorial Bench

Click on the links for details of the design by Michael Rowbottom, and photos of the presentation of the bench to the Parish Council provided by Tim Hughes..

The families and friends of Jim Nokes and Charlie Fry gathered around the village green on 2 May 2004 to remember two great men, and to formally commission a bench erected on the village green in their memory.

The four brass plates which divide the bench into segments are inscribed as follows:

Jim Nokes 1910-2002 "God Save the Queen."

Charlie Fry 1921-2002 "Worked on the land around this Village all his life. A True Countryman and Friend"

"Come all ye honest ploughman - old England's fate ye hold!
Who labour in the wintertime in stormy winds and cold,
To clothe our fields with plenty - our farmyards to renew,
That bread may not be wanting, behold the Painful Plough"
(from "The Painful Plough")

"And in the time of Harvest how cheerfully we go,
Some with hooks and some with crooks and some with scythes to mow,
And when our corn is free from harm, we have not far to roam,
We'll all away to celebrate the welcome Harvest Home!"
(from "Brisk and Bonny Lad")