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B&NES Council has confirmed that the VDS is now a material consideration in planning applications, and is also being considered for adoption as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), which if granted would give the document even greater weight when planning decisions are made.

Before the document can be adopted by B&NES Council as an SPD, a  further public consultation needed to be performed by B&NES with Priston Parish residents, Statutory Authorities like English Heritage, and stakeholders across the B&NES area.

The Priston VDS Working Party distributed a flyer to Priston village residents explaining the consultation process.

This consultation closed at 5pm on 16 July 2018.

Following the public consultation, all contributions will be scrutinised and the SPD amended accordingly. It will then require formal approval and adoption by B&NES Council.  A Consultation Statement will also be produced by B&NES to outline key themes emerging from comments received during the consultation period. No personal information will be published in this Consultation Statement and comments received will be handled in accordance with the B&NES Privacy Notice and Planning Privacy Notice.


B&NES Council has confirmed that the VDS is now a material consideration in planning applications.

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A Public Meeting was held on 22 November 2014 to discuss with villagers how to broaden the work previously undertaken on the Place-making Plan  to produce a Village Design Statement (VDS).

The VDS will define the special character of Priston and will help us, through B&NES, to influence changes to our built environment.   A small VDS Working Group was formed to take forward the work and is chaired by Gail Pattison.

A Drop-In Session was held in the Village Hall on 7 March 2015 at which Julie O'Rourke our B&NES Link Planning Officer spoke about the advantages of creating a Village Design Statement.
(view a slideshow of pictures taken at the event,and comments provided by visitors to the session).

A children's logo competition was also held.  The winning entry was from Tom Cantwell.  His logo will be used on the Village Design Statement when developed.  Logos from Emily and Sophie Franklin-Adams were used to adorn the questionnaire issued to villagers.

As part of the process, the VDS Working Group issued a questionnaire to all households in the village in early May 2015..

The Working Group produced an analysis of responses.
The Priston Village Design Statement Working Party produced a draft document which was endorsed by the Parish Council at its meeting of 11 July 2016.

Aconsultation period of 8 weeks, ending on 30 September 2016, was provided for the whole parish to comment on the draft VDS. As part of this a Drop-in Day was held at the Priston Village Hall on Saturday September 10th to enable parishioners to discuss the VDS with members of the Working Party.

Comments received by the VDS Working Group were considered and were included where appropriate.  The VDS was then submitted to B&NES Council for approval.

B&NES Council subsequently confirmed that the VDS is now a material consideration in planning applications, and will also be considered for adoption as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Before the VDS can be adopted as an SPD, B&NES needs to perform a formal consultion . It is intended that following the consultation,
and provided it is approved by B&NES, the VDS will become a Supplementary Planning Document to the B&NES Local Plan (currently comprising the Core Strategy, adopted July 2014 and the Placemaking Plan, adopted July 2017). This will significantly increase the
weight it will be given by B&NES Planning department when consideration is given to planning applicationsaffecting the village.

The consultation will run from 18 June to 5pm on 16 July 2018.

Winning logo by Tom Cantwell
Winning logo by Tom Cantwell

Logo entry by Emily Franklin-Adams
Logo by Emily Franklin-Adams

Logo by Sophie Franklin-Adams
Logo by Sophie Franklin-Adams

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