(updated 26 Sep 2016)

CT Coaches provides the 768 bus service between Priston and Bath. The bus stop is on the village green.  

From Priston to Bath Mon-Fri Mon-FriMon-Fri
Tunley (King William)075110281320
Priston bus stop 0756 1033-
Nailwell 0758 1035-
A A-
Bath, Bus Station (3) 0831 10551337
From Bath to Priston Mon-Fri Mon-Fri Mon-Fri
Bath Bus Station (3) 1100
1345 1740
- A R
Nailwell - 1404 1801
Priston bus stop - A R
Tunley (King William) 1117 1409 1804
R - Calls to set down passengers on request.
A - calls at stops on request to set down, or to pick up passengers who request the service by telephone (01761 431643) before 1400.

Click here for the timetable in pdf format.

Tunley is served by the 179 service which stops at the King William PH.

You can walk across the fields to Priston from the King William in 20-30mins.